Linux Expertise

We have developed numerous Linux applications for Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL (Red Hat), CentOS and SUSE, including compatibility testing.

For a US based client, we developed a complete Open Source based Network Attached Storage (NAS) Management System for a heterogeneous Linux/Windows environment, using the following technologies:

  • Linux Kernel
  • Samba
  • Java, Jini, jUnit
  • Swing
  • ProjectView
  • CVS

In addition, we have adapted several Linux distributions to new hardware devices, when some drivers and other system components were not yet available.

In this way, we supported Lenovo winning several large contracts, where a guarantee for 100% compatibility was required for the whole hardware lifetime.

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    Our People
    Our Competence
    Our Reputation
    Nearshore Advantage
    Customer Loyalty

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    Enterprise Solutions
    Mobile Development
    e-Commerce Solutions
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    IT Monitoring
    Image Processing
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    Embedded Development

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    Banking and Financial Services
    Software Vendors (ISV)
    Computer Manufacturers
    Electrical and Mechanical Mfg.
    Logistics, Airport and Travel

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