Our Skills

From the start of our company, Java has played a key role for many of our large projects.... More info

Our long experience with the .NET Platform dates back to version 1.0, since then we have... More info

We have used C++ in numerous projects, where performance and hardware efficiency, but also... More info

We have delivered several successful native and cross-platform apps for iOS iPhones and... More info

Thinking of us as an outsourcing workbench for everyday development work could be a bit... More info

Having completed many web design and client or server projects with a web frontend, we have... More info

Supporting large rollouts for a global computer manufacturer, we have adapted Windows,... More info

We have developed a configurable Android Tablet Management System, giving IT administrators... More info

We have developed numerous Linux applications and compatibility tested for Debian... More info

Firmware, middleware and driver development, testing, debugging and optimization, great... More info

We have successfully delivered several international finance management and gaming apps,... More info

We try as much as possible to give you any information through our website, in addition we would like to invite you to get a personal impression about us.
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  • Strengths

    Our People
    Our Competence
    Our Reputation
    Nearshore Advantage
    Customer Loyalty

  • Solutions Expertise

    Enterprise Solutions
    Mobile Development
    e-Commerce Solutions
    Document Management
    IT Monitoring
    Image Processing
    Algorithm Development
    Embedded Development

  • Industries

    Banking and Financial Services
    Software Vendors (ISV)
    Computer Manufacturers
    Electrical and Mechanical Mfg.
    Logistics, Airport and Travel

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