Project Management

Project Management is a key success factor for any software development project, be it small or big. PM ensures that the result is conforming to client expectations, and kept within time and budget. For smaller projects, PM often is provided by our client, when for bigger projects PM mostly is our responsibility.

Our project managers are business-oriented professionals, who pay particular attention to understanding customer and end-user needs and their priorities. They are skilled in both predictive methodologies (waterfall) and agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, and tailored in-house agile practices)
Typically our project managers also have a technical background and come from a development experience, which is a significant contributor to solid decision making and risk management.

Our PM services cover:

  • Budget and timeline planning and control
  • Project scope management
  • Risk management, identification and mitigation
  • Coordination between customer and development teams
  • Handling issues
  • Development team management
  • Reporting
  • Delivery
  • Acceptance test support

Depending on your requirements, our PMs can cover all these responsibilities, or a part thereof.

Additionally, our PMs often take partial or completely responsibility for:

  • Requirements management
  • Solution architecture and design
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