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Being able to cover the whole software lifecycle, we are able to start with any idea for... More info

After positively checking the economic and technical merit and feasibility of a software... More info

In short, a software architecture or design is the structural representation of all its... More info

Software development is the core of our business, using practically all popular technologies,... More info

Project Management is a key success factor for any software development project, be it small... More info

As with Project Management, QA is a must for every project. It has to be planned from the... More info

Undocumented software is like a car without service. You may use (drive) it as long as nothing... More info

Even software which performs without problems from time to time needs maintenance. Be it... More info

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  • Strengths

    Our People
    Our Competence
    Our Reputation
    Nearshore Advantage
    Customer Loyalty

  • Solutions Expertise

    Enterprise Solutions
    Mobile Development
    e-Commerce Solutions
    Document Management
    IT Monitoring
    Image Processing
    Algorithm Development
    Embedded Development

  • Industries

    Banking and Financial Services
    Software Vendors (ISV)
    Computer Manufacturers
    Electrical and Mechanical Mfg.
    Logistics, Airport and Travel

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